Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games (July 23 – August 8) will be the most challenging ones in the history of the Olympics. The COVID-19 pandemic has created new contidions that strengthen the role of Traditional Media and highlight its importance. The Olympic Games will be held to a very limited audience with venue access granted only to people with accreditation (sportspersons, coaching teams, Press and Media). Therefore, Social Media coverage by spectators will be eliminated, only traditional media will cover the events and the material will be protected by copyright.

Sportsimages team will have four accredited photographers in Japan’s capital to cover all sports events from the very beginning until the end of the Olympics. Our photographers have great experience in live coverage of all kinds of sports events, ranging from Olympic Games and World Championships to Continental / Intercontinental (?) events, Diamond Leagues and Tennis Grand Slams. This will be the largest team of accredited photographers to ever represent a Greek agency in (the Olympic Games.)